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  • Service Areas
  • Han river
  • Imjin river
  • Ansung stream
  • The Ansung stream flows into the west sea through the Asan embankment, Injumeun Asan, via west and south after joining Keunwi stream which flows to the middle west and flows the west from mountain tops of Charyung Mountains and Baekwun mountain top which is the city limit of Youngin, Uiwang, and Suwon
  • Most of the basin is flat land except border outside of the basin. Thus the basin slope and river slope are also gentle except upstream.
  • The Ansung basin, the middle west of Korea, is located in 126??50???127??00?? east longitude 36??50??? 37??20 north latitude. The basin area is 1,655?? and the stream length is 70.0??. It is bounded by the Han river basin on the northeast, Keum river basin on the southeast, and Sabkyo stream basin on southwest.