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  • Service Areas
  • Han river
  • Imjin river
  • Ansung stream
  • Imjim river joining the Han river in the downstream flows to Kanghwa bay after joining Hantan river in KyungGi province through Kangwon province and Hwanghae province and from Masikryung Duckwongun Hamgyung south province.
  • The Imjin river is a swift river. There are many sections having steep ravines and bends but, the river width is regular The coast is narrow and small as well.
  • The basin area is 8,117.5??; 3,008.7??(37.1%) in South Korea and 5,108.8??(62.9%) in the north of DMZ
  • The main stream length is 254.6??(81.0?? in the south of DMZ) and There are several main branch streams;Gomitan stream, Pyungan stream Yeokgok stream, Hantan river, Sami stream, Munsan stream, Sa stream. Branch streams of the Hantan river which is the largest branch stream of the Imjin River are Kimhwa Namdae stream, Youngpyung stream, Pochun stream, Sin stream, and Chatan stream as well.