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Han river image
  • The Han river basin is located in the central area of Korea and 36??30??? 38??55?? north latitude and 126??24???129??02?? east longitude.
    The basin area is 26,356??(8,455?? in North Korea) and the main stream length is 481.7?? and the basin average is 55.8??, the coefficient of the basin shape is 0.119. The Han river is the first river in South Korea and occupies about 23% of the country.
  • The north han river has two main branch streams; Soyang river and Hongchun river.
    The basin area is 10,834.80?? and the main stream length is 317.5??. There is the multi-purpose Soyang dam in the basin.
  • The south han river has three main branch streams; Seom river, Dalchuen river, Pyoungchang river. The basin area is 12,514?? and the main stream length is 375??.